Pastor’s Page

The Reverend Doctor Nathan Corl Minnich, STS
Ordained Lutheran Pastor of the North American Lutheran Church

Christ is risen! Hallelujah!

Once again we’ve celebrated the Paschal mystery of the Resurrection of our Lord, and have walked together through a meaningful Lenten experience of 40 day. Our time of Lent was both 40 days of observance, and an educational opportunity to study the various 40-day periods throughout Biblical history. We’ve celebrated the first communion of another class of children, and we’re gearing up for a great VBS this summer!

When everything seems so busy at the high festival seasons of the church we often forget to attend to the things that are needed. We’ve been growing in wonderful ways here at Salem and now we need to respond to this growth as a congregation.

Many thanks to the property committee for the reinvigorated effort to get the property items address and completed. Two of those items are crucial to our weekly gathering and need your attention! First, and foremost, we need volunteers to clean the church. It is much needed to have the vacuum run, and some light dusting and trash handled each week. We need to be better at regular deep cleanings as well. Please see the property committee chair, Scott, to get involved now. Secondly, we’ve taken on doing the yardwork ourselves, rather than paying for an outside service. This also needs volunteers, especially to care for the flower beds around the church. These are small, but very significant, ways to help your church forge into the future.

In a few weeks you’ll be receiving a survey. It is crucial that you share your voice with us. The council is interested in feedback on Lent/Easter, work around the church, your involvement, and what can be done to better our ministry here. Your input is valuable.

Finally, as we prepare to enter the summer season, remember we still have significant festivals to celebrate. We’ll get to gather for Pentecost, Holy Trinity, and all the excitement that comes this time of the year. Don’t forget your congregation here when you travel! Our livestream continues on Facebook weekly, but missing out on the physical attendance at Mass leaves an empty place in your life that cannot be filled by anything else.