Pastor’s Page

The Reverend Doctor Nathan Corl Minnich, STS
Ordained Lutheran Pastor of the North American Lutheran Church

Time seems to fly lately. Maybe it’s because there is so much going on, or maybe it is because our attention is continually focused upon things temporal and not eternal. I’m sure if our thoughts (and prayers) were attentive to that which will persist into eternity we wouldn’t notice so much of what seems to fly past us daily. Imagine for a minute, spending and equal amount of time each day contemplating things that concern your strength of faith as you do those things which concern daily living. Could it be that your worry, suffering, or distraction would fall to the background of your thoughts, only surpassed by your compassion for others, your concern for the world around you, your love of Christ Jesus, and an overall sense of faith and joy? There is much that can be said for a people who commit themselves to growing in faith. What would it look like if your own growth would cause you to read just a bit more scripture? What would life feel like if you paused to pray just 5 minutes more a day, and to focus those prayers in as much listening as speaking? The Holy Spirit is continually calling us to new opportunities to share our faith (and everything else we control) with those around us. This is not just a comment about our tithes and offerings, but rather it is that and so much more. What, you may ask, is more valuable than our money? EVERYTHING! Imagine the impact made in our children’s lives if you gave just ONE HOUR to help teach them about Jesus in Sunday School. Do you think that  investment is valuable? I promise you that you would be amazed at the outcome of that gift! Imagine the impact of a phone call to one stuck at home. Imagine the impact of your smile at worship as a greeter. Imagine the impact of your regular attendance on Sunday mornings, and the many, many people who witness your activity. There are so many ways to make a small change that will certainly enhance the lives of those around you. And, you can do it with very little effort (especially when compared to the amount of effort and worry we place on those things which will not last).

If you have not seen the new flooring at the church you are really missing out on a beautiful new design of the sanctuary. Also, you may have noticed that the livestream of the service has now moved to Facebook. For the current time we’re streaming live, just to see how things go. Give us your feedback, but remember: video church is NOT a replacement for being in the very presence of the Lord, and among His people. The primary reason for our weekly gathering is the reception of the Holy Eucharist, and that cannot be administered by internet video! The Lord calls us to come to his table and receive His own most Holy Body and Blood for the forgiveness of sins. Isn’t it so true that we need this forgiveness as often as it can be offered to us? Please use this new technology to open the door of conversation with others, or to share what you enjoy here with someone new…but don’t let them alone on the cold dark digital world, but bring them to the warmth and love of a congregation of faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Invite those who ‘like’ the online version to experience the fullness of the historic liturgy of the church, face to face. Although this may be a powerful tool of getting the attention of others, it can never replace your presence, the physical bringing of everything you are to the Lord’s table and laying it before Him, only to truly taste and see that the Lord is good. Finally, I beg you to get involved in ways you have not been involved before! Sunday School will resume soon and the adults will be discussing “Questions of Faith” as we bring to class questions that are on your mind (and questions of any kind whatsoever). The youth are breaking into various age groups, and the specialized ministries are sponsoring speakers, events, and fellowship each month! Jump right in and give it a try, I’m sure you’ll find friends, fun, and fellowship at each gathering of the faithful.