Pastor’s Page

The Reverend Doctor Nathan Corl Minnich, STS
Ordained Lutheran Pastor of the North American Lutheran Church

Grace and Peace be unto you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

LENT 2020


This year, the churches of the local ministerium will once again rotate our Wednesday Lenten services. We will present the lives, preaching, writing, and teaching of influential theologians of our various faith traditions and theological training. Join us to learn more about each of us, as we share these preachers and teachers who have shaped our own ministry.

Salem Lutheran Elizabethville
7:30 PM


March 4th at St. John Lutheran
The Rev. Dr. Nathan Minnich, Preacher

March 11th at Peace U.C.C
The Rev. Jim Lewis, Preacher

March 18th at Trinity U.M.C.
The Rev. Ray Holland, Preacher

March 25th at Salem Lutheran
The Rev. Jeff Wagner, Preacher

April 1st at Salem U.C.C.
The Rev. Tom Bruner, Preacher

Grace and Peace to you!

The greatness of the Epiphanytide is upon us! This season leads us toward the discipline of Lent, yet affords us the opportunity to grow and discern the light of Christ among us, and continue to reveal that light to others. As we close the Christmas season with the Presentation of the Lord and Candlemas Sunday (Feb 2nd) we get to experience the fullness of the birth of Jesus, his Epiphany, his Baptism, his Presentation, his call of followers, and so much more! It seems to be a whirlwind of Christ’s life events and yet it is another beginning, with multiple beginnings, all wrapped into one short liturgical season. You are afforded so many settings in which to understand the work of Christ Jesus in his earliest days of life and ministry. If you were to start to look at your life as an ever-growing possibility to start, and re-start new ministries to others you might notice Christ in the world around you more often. If you’re always looking for new beginnings, you might notice new faces who need mercy, new lives who need grace, new lost who need a home. A great new beginning for you, and for those around you may just be waiting for you ASK!


Dear friends, now is the time to look to the future. Your council has requested a long term planning committee to compile our vision for the next 5 and 10 years. I urge you, brothers and sisters, to share your visions, concerns, hopes, and desires for Salem’s future. Take the time to respond, complete surveys, attend discussion sessions, or simply talk with these representatives. We are at a crucial time in our lives together. There are many serious decisions that we need to make. The future is full of uncertainty, but we can make better decisions if we look to the future with goals and plans to achieve those goals. The council wants to ensure that every voice is heard as we move forward.